*THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL ITEM* I do not supply outlines, flash, or tracings to bring to your artist, this is literally just a way to make a donation to me if you're going to have my work tattooed to you and don't feel like buying a physical print.

A Tattoo ticket is a donation made to me if you decide to have my work tattooed to your body (and you don't feel like buying a print).

Your support allows me to continue to make the art you love enough (to mark your body with forever).

There is no limit to the amount of tattoo tickets that can be purchased.

Think of it like a tip, for the artist (me) who created the work that is about to be reproduced by another artist on your body forever.

Thank you for your support!

And don't forget to tag me in your tattoos on instagram so that I can repost and promote your tattoo artist! I love to see the work.