© 2008-2020 Amber Carr. All artworks on this website are copyright protected with all rights reserved. The artworks on this site may not be printed, re-posted, re-distributed, reproduced, posted or published elsewhere, modified, or used in any form without my written authorization. 

For the foreseeable future,  I am disinclined to license out any of my artwork, in part or whole. So for now, please do not ask. 

This means I am not selling the right for anybody to print my work on t-shirts, phone cases, book covers, etc. 

Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Regarding Tattoos:

Yes, you may tattoo my work to you. But, if you have the money to pay a tattoo artist to replicate my work, I would greatly appreciate it if you made a purchase from my online shop. Even the purchase of 1 print shows your support for my work (which you love enough to mark your body with forever).

I do not tattoo, and I do not design tattoos.

Regarding Commissions:

Commissions are closed indefinitely.

Regarding Giclee Printing:

I can have my fine art giclee prints made in a variety of custom sizes, feel free to contact me for pricing.

Regarding Poster printing:

I cannot have my poster prints made in custom sizes. Please see Giclee printing.

Regarding Payment Plans:

I am no longer personally taking payment plans. That being said, Paypal offers fantastic financing options where you pay over time and receive the artwork right away. I have installed the Paypal Credit button button below for details on how to use the service.